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Infinity Screen & Pad Printing is your one stop shop for your printing needs. We Pride ourselves in being efficient and fair to all of our customers. We power our facility with the best and highest standard in the screen & pad printing industry. From shirts to knick-knacks we do it all.

With over 35 years of experience in the Promotional Industry, we have the knowledge to help you with any problems you may have had with other similar companies.

What is Screen Printing?
Screen printing is a process though which ink is mechanically applied to a substrate via the use of a screen and squeegee. In it's basic form, screen printing is a very simple process.
What is Spot Color?
Spot-Color is the term used to describe separation and printing with one ink color for every color in the design. Each color that makes up the composite image will be printed using a separate screen.
What is Underbased?
An underbase is a layer of ink, usually white, that is printed under the other ink colors when printing dark garments. When printing most colors on dark garments the color of the shirt will show through the ink slightly. For instance, yellow ink printed directly on a royal blue shirt will look very green. To prevent this, a thin layer of white ink is printed, then "flash" dried, and the yellow is printed on top. This gives the top colors a good neutral base and reduces or eliminates the shirt color showing through.