Screen printing is best for apparel, notebooks, or any other items that lie flat and have a large print area. We screen print many of our customers’ items by hand to ensure quality and consistency. We’ve tackled print jobs on flat screen TVs, rafts, large coolers, and even barbecue pits—all to rave reviews.
Laser engraving cuts a design directly into a product, no matter the material. Our certified laser specialists use our CO2 and YAG lasers to cut into metals, wood, leather, acrylic, rubber, and silicone.

Our most-requested laser engraving jobs include pens, desk items, and electronics but feel free to challenge us. We’re up to the task!

Pad printing transfers a 2-D design, like a graphic or illustration on paper, on to a 3-D object. We can pad print on round, curved, or odd-shaped items because the technique follows the natural contours of a piece.

We’ve used pad printing on infusion jars, tower speakers, and inside book covers, and can use the technique on any irregularly-shaped or angled product you send our way.

Hot stamping uses a custom-designed die, color, and heat to transfer your design and single color to your personalized items.  We typically use hot stamping for items like notepads and padfolios, books, folders, boxes, leather bags, and acrylic items. We’ve even hot stamped leather bags!

Debossing uses the same general method as hot stamping but allows for multiple colors in each design.

Digital printing allows us to print full color photos, logos, or designs on all flat items and endless promotional products. Digital printing allows us the freedom to use any image—even your family photos—as part of your product’s design.
We can package your new custom printed items into bags, jars, boxes, kits, and more. Anything to make your promotional product feel extra special and delight your recipients.